DIY Panda Bear

June 29, 2017

Panda bears are so adorable and snuggly. We just love them. Cupcake liner Panda bear is a perfect craftivity for summer !

It is a really easy craft to make without much adult help besides assisting your child with the scissors. Try showing your kids a picture of the final product and see if they can recreate their own version with the items you provided


Here’s what you”ll need:

  • White cupcake liner
  • Googely Eyes
  • A Black Pom Pom
  • Black Paper

What You’ll Do:

  • Smush the cucake liner flat
  • Cut out the panda ears, eyes and mouth (if you’d rather draw the mouth, that works, too!)
  • Glue the ears on a piece of paper
  • Glue the cupcake liner on next
  • Then, glue down the black paper you cut for eyes and then put googely eyes on top
  • Then, glue on the mouth and last the pom pom nose!

It’s so very easy!  I love looking at the supplies spread about and turning that random collection of items into something fun.

When we first sat down to make this, our intention was a polar bear, but as we moved through it we realized how much it looked like a panda.  That’s the fun part of creating, it can be whatever you want and if you mess something up, it just turns into something new!

(Article Credits: Liz@kidsactivitiesblog)

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